My Style Camp is a program that encourages kids from ages 3 years and up to discover their own creativity through fashion & costume design. - Stacey Saltzman

My Style Camp Testimonials

Lisa – Upper East Side, NYC

Daughter – Aylin, 6 years old

Party at A La Mode Shoppe, upper east side,  NY, NY.

My daughter’s 6th birthday party this year was her best one yet thanks to Stacey Saltzman of MY STYLE CAMP and Sandy from A LA MODE SHOPPE! Being a fashion designer myself, I was excited to have a fashion theme. Stacey offers so many adorable creative design options to choose from . We decided on making handbags. Stacey showed up with the cutest baby birkin bags and boxes full of patches. The girls were first given an amazing pep talk from Stacey about the freedom to express themselves creatively through design. Then they were given the opportunity to do a layout first of how they were going to design their bag. Next they each went up to a patch station and picked different patches to apply on their bags. It was so much fun and the bags turned out great. In addition to that Stacey found the BEST LOCATION To have the party: A LA MODE Shoppe NYC is the the most perfect party space. It’s an all natural ice cream parlor and retail clothing store! It has such a feel good vibe. Sandy the owner handled all the decorations and party favors. It was gorgeous!!!!! The ice cream is delicious and the clothes they sell are adorable. Designing, Dancing, ice cream and shopping, it doesn’t get better than that!

Laura Matina – Manhasset, NY

Evie – 6 years old

Party at The Sands Point Preserve Castle Gould, Port Washington, NY.

“My daughter is a student of Stacey’s, and adores the classes. They are so fun and engaging, I don’t think she realizes how much she’s learning! For her recent birthday, she was thrilled to have a My Style Camp party. Stacey and her team did such an amazing job making sure that everyone had fun with their projects, and ensuring that the event ran smoothly from start to finish. This was by far, my daughter’s favorite party yet, and I couldn’t be happier with my own experience working with Stacey on this event. Her talent, energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism are off the charts.”

Roni – Atlantic Beach, NY

Daughter – Gabby, 9 years old

Party in Atlantic Beach, NY.

“We couldn’t have made a better choice! My style camp was the most successful party. My daughter had a blast and the girls who were invited continue to talk about it. The craft was unique and made each and every girl feel creative and special. The winter hats they made are the talk of the class. Stacey and her staff were so wonderful to work with. 

 I highly recommend My STYLE CAMP for any type of party or get together.