My Style Camp is a program that encourages kids from ages 3 years and up to discover their own creativity through fashion & costume design. - Stacey Saltzman

Founder of My Style Camp LLC Stacey Saltzman with style icon Iris Apfel (Photo by Michael Priest Photography)

Port Camps with Style

Port Washington News
By: Sydney Rosenthal

Stacey Saltzman is the founder of My Style Camp LLC, a program for children that encourages them to find their inner creativity and talent via learning about all aspects of design including but not limited to fashion and costume design. It is a year-round program held in the heart of Port Washington, but open to all throughout the North Shore and east coast of Long Island.

My Style Camp can be found at local day camps such as Shibley, North Shore Day Camp and Hampton Country Day Camp to name a few. The program specializes in design, drawing, sewing classes and trendy fashion do-it-yourself birthday parties. They are also working with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County so locals can earn a badge or patch with them too…

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I Quit My Job to Fashion a Family-Oriented Life
By: Stacey Saltzman

Check out my essay titled “I Quit My Job to Fashion a Family-Oriented Life” published on the Hello Fears blog on Medium.

“I am the kind of person who leaps before they look. I would jump out of a plane first and figure out how to work the parachute on my way down. But even with my propensity towards action, I still find myself overwhelmed by fear, too.

For example, quitting your job is terrifying! You spend so much time and effort putting together a life you think you want and suddenly you decide it isn’t working. You pull the rug out from underneath yourself and hope that you’ve got the grace to catch yourself before you fall.

My entire identity felt wrapped up in my work. I had spent almost 20 years carving that path. I had been infatuated with my career, fashion, and trying to be the best. My job as Senior Fashion Designer for Tommy Hilfiger Girls was such a huge part of my life that leaving felt like I was walking away from my identity.

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Local fashion & costume designer launches My Style Camp – encouraging kids to be creative through fashion & costume design.

Port Washington News
By: Stephen Romano

After entering the fashion industry as an intern and working her way to a head designer,  Stacey decided to launch MY STYLE CAMP, running classes at Portledge Day School, Michaels & The Sands Point Preserve.

“I’m super excited,” Saltzman said. “There’s a whole community here in Port Washington for entrepreneurial women, people who are interested in learning about the arts. It makes me feel good that I’m able to do this here, and I’m happy to do it and it’s nice to be local.”

Beginning her career in costume design after graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of Arts, Saltzman started assisting designers on Broadway shows, she said. She worked on “A Christmas Carol,” which was performed at Madison Square Garden, and then began traveling with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, designing costumes, she said.

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